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Image Sains, Teknologi, Ekonomi, Pendidikan & Sosial (STEPS) is an e-   journal that provides free and open access to all of its content. STEPS aims to  strengthen links between research and practice in those area.
  The emphasis is on providing a space for researchers, practitioners and theoreticians to jointly explore ideas using an eclectic mix of research methods and disciplines. It brings together research, action research and case  studies in order to assist in the transfer of best practice, the development of policy and the creation of theory.
STEPS welcome all "articles" section that suit the default categories (Sains, Teknologi, Ekonomi, Pendidikan & Sosial). These articles will be published after the peer review process are done by at least two peer reviewer panel.
The peer review process used by STEPS ensures that all published articles are accepted as "refereed articles".
The Editors welcome your articles in two languange : (1) Indonesian (default languange) and (2) English (secondary languange)


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